What is marion indiana famous for?

Marion is the birthplace of actor James Dean and cartoonist Jim Davis. It was the wedding venue of actress Julia Roberts and singer Lyle Lovett in 1993.

What is marion indiana famous for?

Marion is the birthplace of actor James Dean and cartoonist Jim Davis. It was the wedding venue of actress Julia Roberts and singer Lyle Lovett in 1993. Halfway between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, the city of Marion is the seat of Grant County and has many interesting stories to tell. Introduction to Marion, Indiana Marion, Indiana, in Grant County, is 29 miles northwest of Muncie, Indiana and 60 miles NE of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Welcome to the KEY TO THE CITY page for Marion Grant County, Indiana, Organizations, Churches, and Sports ZIP Codes 46952, 46953. With the formation of Grant County in 18ion, it was established as the county seat and its future was assured. The river provided water supply, power and drainage and bequeathed natural beauty as it flowed at the base of the hills that drove away on both sides. For more than 50 years, Marion, one of at least 36 American communities named after Revolutionary War General Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, slowly grew as an agricultural trading center supported by small agricultural and forest-related industries. Indians were a common sight when they wandered from Indian's last reservation, with its Indian school, Baptist church and cemetery, 8 miles away.

Meanwhile, the entire county grew at a similar breakneck pace. Gas City and Matthews were excavated from untreated farmland and launched as speculative booming cities, each absorbing existing small villages. They attracted several thousand residents before gas failed and most industries As early as the 1940s, Matthews looked like a ghost mining town of the West, but that was after it lured eleven glass factories and seduced the professional baseball team away from Indianapolis. Grant County's Only Covered Bridge Remains There as a Link to the Past.

Although Marion's current industry is focused on the automotive industry, Thomson Consumer Electronics produces television picture tubes and other factories produce paper products, cast iron products, machinery, wire and cable. The paper plate industry was born in Marion, and in its infancy, five of the country's nine plants were located here. Agriculture is a multi-million dollar business that focuses on corn, pigs and soybeans, and is complemented by specialized crops such as tomatoes. Actor James Byron Dean was born in Marion; composer Cole Porter studied music here; Caleb B.

Smith, Secretary of the Interior of Lincoln, served as prosecutor; Kenesaw Mountain Landis, first commissioner of organized baseball and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Willis Van Devanter practiced law here. Steele, Jr. Marion is the birthplace of Garfield comic book creator Jim Davis, harpist Mildred Dilling, children's book author Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood, and burial records in this Marion cemetery.

Quilters Hall of Fame The exterior of the house has been restored with a lot of work inside. Hall of Fame slated to open at 2004 Cardinal Greenway Open year-round; enjoy biking, walking, or jogging along the 7.5-mile portion of Grant County's Cardinal Greenway rail trail project. No motor vehicles allowed on trails, email or call 765-651-2687 Return to Index Marion is the seat of Grant County. Contribute information for this community or any other community on the Key To The City website Be sure to include the name of the community and its state when contacting Key to the City, as you are NOT communicating directly with this community.

With more than 15,000 students, Indiana Wesleyan University is the fastest-growing university in Indiana and currently the largest private university in the state. Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana Business College and CHT Academy are some of the local higher education institutions. .

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